Hey LinkedIn, I’m Canadian

November 12th, 2012   •   no comments   

I thought LinkedIn knew me and knew my interests.

Why every day they suggest people I should link with: usually those suggestions make sense, whether I decide to link or not. They suggest jobs I might be interested in. Even though I’m not looking, the jobs are relevant to my experience and interests.

Today they sent me this email.

Firstly, don’t they know I’m Canadian? There’s not a single Canadian thought leader they could think of to invite me to follow?

Invitation to follow Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, in the same list?

Or, are they suggesting a wide spectrum of thought leaders to see who I select, before they get really granular with recommendations. Maybe once I select Mitt Romney, they will recommend I follow Stephen Harper. On the other hand, perhaps if I follow President Obama, they’ll suggest I follow Harper.

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