The Approach I take as a marketing consultant at Rich Content is three-pronged.


Strategically, I employ a solutions-focused philosophy to address your marketing issues. Using a set of tools and applications, I evaluate what is successful in your organization and then leverage the reasons for that success, your existing resources and assets to map out a marketing strategy and execution that will work for you.


Next, with complete flexibility in the approach to implementation, we can collaborate on a project-fee or retainer-fee basis — whichever way makes most sense to the team.


The third prong is affordability. As an independent marketing consultant, I have lower overhead than traditional agencies and boutiques, and draw on a network of like-minded partners and vendors when the project requires the expertise of designers, writers, programmers and other specialists. In other words, the word “rich” in Rich Content does not refer to the amount of the invoice you will receive for services rendered.