Things I carry

April 18th, 2013   •   Comments Off on Things I carry   

I love workflows and seeing what the processes, sequences and tools other people use to get stuff done. The origins of ‘workflows’ are software and manufacturing, the realm of engineers and programmers. In 2002, David Allen created workflows for regular folks with the Getting Things Done system. It has since been adopted by millions, in one form or another.

But more and more today you can search for something + ‘workflow’ to get beyond the basic how-to’s to see the actual step-by-steps: “first do this, then do that,” etc.

I love listening to the Mac Power Users podcast with David Sparks and Katie Floyd. Each week they discuss Mac OS and iOS workflows and the tools they and their guests use to get stuff done with Apple technology, whether its running a law practice, producing music or parenting.

It follows from my interest in workflows that I get a kick out of seeing what people have in their bags, what they carry around with them as indispensable, literally or figuratively. If you enjoy this too, search #thingsIcarry on Slideshare.

I had some fun looking at the stuff I carry and uploaded this:

Rich Toker’s “Things I carry: tools for success” from Richard Toker